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What does this department do?
Job description
Solution development
Technical support
Cloud operation
Management support
Recruitment procedure






  • You can apply for a job at Cyberdigm on Saramin or Job Korea.
    We comprehensively review your suitability for a job based on your resume, cover letter, and portfolio (design job) submitted.
    For a job position for solution development, you can also check the job postings through IT training institutions.

  • At this stage, we identify the values and competencies that Cyberdigm and the Recruitment Department are looking for, focusing on the performance and experience related to the job. For the solution development (entry-level) jobs, technical screening is also carried out.
    Cyberdigm is a solutions company, meaning that we don't create something out of nothing through our projects. Since there is a concept of a core that is the basis of the product and the code must be implemented by inheriting the core, a hand-coding test is conducted based on the understanding of the basic syntax of Java (objects and classes, libraries, exception handling, performance tuning), DB, oracle, etc. as question types.

  • Annual salary (job, job position) and date of joining the company will be discussed individually after the final acceptance.
    Cyberdigm strives to provide a satisfactory level of reward.

Cyberdigm have various welfare programs for employees' work-life balance.

Comfortable working environment

Latest laptop and free working dress

Fexsible working system

Available to work 4.5 days a week due to time differences, selection time, and flexible work hours depending on the department.

Support for project allowance

Work in Seoul, metropolitan area: 150,000 won /
month Local work: 1.9 million won/month

Long service award

15 days of paid leave every 7 years (2.5 million won/5 million won/20 million won)

Support for in-house loans at a 1% interest rate

Support for in-house loans at a 1% interest rate with a limit of 30 million won

Support comprehensive health checkups

Support for health checkup expenses for the employee + accompanying person

Support company resort

Stay at Lotte, Daemyung, and Resom resorts as a membership.

Support the company resort to the promotion

Support for 2 nights accommodation at the company's resort

Support for congratulations and condolences

Support for congratulations and condolences and vacation

Support for educational expenses for employee and his/her children

Support for congratulatory money for entering university and graduate school, congratulatory money for employee’s child's enrollment, university tuition fee

Support for obtaining license

Support for application submission and license receipt costs

Operate a in-house e-Library

Use of Kyobo e-Library

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